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Sheryl and I have spent the past three weeks traveling on the East Coast of the United States and speaking in schools and with students. What is hopeful is that there is a growing desire in young people to want to make a change in the world. This desire was expressed by students and teachers in schools from Newark to New Hampshire. During our presentations we noticed that students were aware of many of the issues yet unaware of how they could make a difference. We hope that through out… Continue

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The Next Eco-Warriors

Sheryl and I have been selected to write a chapter for an upcoming book titled, "The Next Eco-Warriors." The book is being put together by Emily Hunter, Canadian environmental activist and journalist and daughter of Bob Hunter, one of the founders of Greenpeace. We'll keep you posted!

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We are eating our first lettuce leaves from our garden. One small step in reducing our carbon footprint.

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I planted a garden

I planted a garden in our backyard to promote community based agriculture.

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Harvesting Rice

Sheryl and I recently returned from an area in East Kalimantan called Lesan. This is a high priority area and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has been working with the local communities to help preserve the remaining wild areas. The Dayak village we met was extremely welcoming and Sheryl and I joined the community as they harvested rice. The villages in this area are undergoing a rapid transformation from a traditional way of living off the land to a more "modern" lifestyle of palm oil… Continue

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How to replant the rainforest?

I've just met Willie Smits. It's pretty incredible that so quickly we have entered this world of world-class environmentalists. Willie was at TED 2009 last week and from what I hear from those that heard him speak, he stole the show. Sandwiched between some of the greatest minds in the world, Willie's vision for conservation inspired those that were in attendance. We had never heard of Willie until this past December when I read about him in an issue of Scientific American. He has worked to… Continue

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Samboja Lestari

We spent the day working with the often overlooked sunbears. With the eyes of the world on the orangutans, the kind and gentle sun bears do not receive the attention they deserve. Before coming to Samboja, I also did not know very much about the sun bears. Thanks to our new friend, Meike, a 32 year old German who is currently working at Samboja, we now have a new appreciation for this animal. Today was a very important day with the Sun Bears. Two of the bears were transferred out of the smaller… Continue

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