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We believe that learning to locate and raise funds within one's own community is an essential skill for conservationists. Therefore, we strongly encourage that students should raise part of the tuition costs for their expedition. This may seem like an impossible task but with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, it can be done. Below are two possible ways for you to raise the money to support your expedition costs:

Fund Raising - Approaching local businesses, speaking at churches, holding fund raising dinners, organizing an event at your university, or getting on local television or radio are some possible ways for you to raise the tuition for an expedition. Work on your 30 second "elevator pitch", put together a slide show or use some of the pictures and video from the Ethical Expeditions site. Make sure to remember why you are going on the expedition and while fund raising, educate others about the environment and what they can do to get involved. This is a great way to not only fund your expedition, but also to spread the word.

Here are two good articles with fundraising tips. The second article has book recommendations about fund-raising:
1. 10 Ways to Fundraise for Volunteer Travel
2. Beg Borrow or Fundraise

Awards and Scholarshps - There are a number of other scholarships you can apply for including:
1. The Brower Youth Award - This is a highly competitive award "honors six young people for their outstanding activism and achievements in the fields of environmental and social justice advocacy."
2. Eco-Hero Award - This is a cash award for individuals between the ages of 8-16 who have done creative environmental projects.
3. Youth Venture - This award "inspires and invests in teams of young people to design and launch their own lasting social ventures, enabling them to have this transformative experience of leading positive social change."
4. Do Something Award - Win between $5000 to $100,000 for scholarships or for your community project.This rewards young people for changing the world.
5. Gloria Barron prize for young hero's - "Each year, the Barron Prize selects ten winners nationwide. Half of the winners have focused on helping their communities and fellow beings; half have focused on protecting the health and sustainability of the environment."
6. National Geographic Young Explorers Grant - "Enhancing our efforts to foster the next generation of researchers, explorers, and conservationists, National Geographic now provides seed grants to individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 in the fields we have a rich history of supporting. Young Explorers grants provide the opportunity for many recipients to pursue their first experiences in the field."
7. Other awards
8. Inquire at your university, they may have a research or field study fund for undergraduates.

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